At Risk

Militant Madness

The original AT RISK jumper was knitted for a vulnerable loved one who, while seriously off his rocker, found himself stigmatized and under attack.  The message was unapologetic, confrontational and empowering. You think I’m mad, I’ll give you mad.Show me some humanity or fuck off.

Recognising it’s poignantly militant message, Harland Miller included it in the exhibition ‘YOU DIG THE TUNNEL AND I’LL HIDE THE SOIL’ at the White Cube Gallery in 2008. By now in a glass case, moth-eaten but still magical, it’s purpose was served… the heartless were banished, and my loved one had recovered.

This act of enlightened patronage earned him his very own version, as seen, above.

John Cooper Clarke 2012

Before/After (customised John Galliano t-shirt) 2012

John Cooper Clarke 2012





John Cooper Clarke, The Outside World Gallery 2012

Robert Wyatt 2011

Molly Parkin 2011